is the outcome of determination and disciplines to achieve a level of quality of its products which may gain your confidence by way of their engineering, workmanship & stringent quality controls. K.W was started in 1956 by two friends Karam Singh and Wasan Singh who formed the new partnership firm by taking first letters from their names. The first firm is known as K.W Engineering Works (Regd.). The First Product of K.W Brand was Bicycle Fork. As the time past the demand for the K.W quality products increased and they expanded their business by innovating new products. Now K.W produces the whole bicycle but their main emphasis on the spares market.
From the past 4 decades
has been manufacturing bicycle components and bicycles to all the corners of the country. Rose from small tiny unit the group has grown into a large organization with about more than 1400 people in its family .K.W is on course of the continuous progress. 
products are engineered to precision, accuracy and perfection. Their performance is testimony of their durability and adherence to the international standards. By virtue of our established manufacturing organization, technical skills and through professionalism in all fields. Our patrons have recognized us out rightly.
Our Infrastructure
We have modern machinery and equipments to ensure and maintain quality at all steps . we have latest quality testing machine and control method and highly motivated technicians, professionals, skilled and well trained work force to continuous improvement in quality. The company has the ability to supply multi products orders within delivery schedule to market around the globe
Quality Assurance 
The Performance of
products is testimony of durability ad adherence to the international standards. We utilized automated machinery and equipments to maintain the highest standards of uniform quality. Expert technicians monitor the production process to ensure high quality. We take full care at every step from raw material to the end product to check the quality. We purchase raw material in bulk from reputed sources, so as to ensure high quality standards and avoid rejections. In a nut shell we assure to maintain quality at every step We break the conventions and tie ourselves up with innovations and new techniques.

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